1. Bangkok babii

  2. 6kråm o en kebab “theme”

  3. En 6a kråm o en kebab så kan du få den på posten grais ;) nerå men är lite långt bort för att posta

  4. 4608vandalism:

    Spacey - An unordinary hobby is a project by 4608 about the Stockholm based street bomber. The hand style specialist with focus on quality.
    And quantity.

    14 minutes short documentary followed up by a fanzine in limited number.
    50 copies made by hand and sold on the release party at Highlights Gallery in Stockholm February 19th.

    Music by Peder Mannerfelt and Alexander Spit.

    More on 4608.se & instagram.com/4608vandalism

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  6. Pablooablopablo

  8. 4608vandalism:

    Highway patrol 2014

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    Check out 4608vandalism@instagram for Vandal Week with Wol crew!

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